Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back In Action!

So, if you haven't noticed, I dropped off the "blog-o-sphere" for a little while. But have no fear folks, I'm back! And I think I'm going to make a few changes to the blog... I'm a bit of a foodie, so, this has the potential to turn into a food-oriented blog of sorts. Bear with me on this. It will be rough in the beginning, I'll go ahead and admit that. As of late, say the past couple months during my hiatus, I've been thinking that I want to be a food writer. I have a huge passion for food and cooking. It's something I've grown up doing, and it runs in the family, so I guess it's in my blood. I picked up my first wisk at the tender age of three and haven't put it down since. Unlike the other kids when I was young, I didn't really watch cartoons or MTV. I watched the Food Network, and practically worshipped Rachael Ray. Oh, and Ina Garten, Giada De Laurentiis, Emeril, Bobby Flay....just to name a few. And I still do! Now, I often find myself cracking open cookbook's and planning future meals or just reading for inspiration to create something of my own. For the longest time I had always thought that I would go to Culinary School and someday have my own restaurant. But, I've pretty much decided not to pursue that dream. I know for sure that I want food and cooking to be a part of what I ultimately end up doing, because I just love it so much. When I get the great pleasure to cook for people, it brings me so much joy and happiness. I don't know how to explain it. All I know is that I love it and that it is my passion in life. That's where the idea of being a food writer came to mind. I love writing, I love food. It just makes sense! I'm going to start my food writing adventures on this blog. When you ask? Well, I'm not sure. But I won't wait three or four months to post it :-) Expect to see my cooking adventures (complete with pictures; the good, the bad, and the ugly), recipes, and maybe even a review here and there of the places I go and let my palate run wild. I'm going to try my best and keep this updated from now on, I promise! So, until then... Have a lovely day, folks!